Flow of Custom-Making

1. Cloth / belt selection

1. Select the fabric and obi:

You can bring your favorite fabric or you can choose one of our fabrics in stocks. We can also communicate by e-mail, fax, telephone, if you live far away from our studio.

2. Designing and sizing

2. Decide the design and suitable size:

If you already have an idea or original design, please let us know.

3. Accessory part · Lining material

3. Decide materials:

For pockets, handles, straps, etc for any additional parts of the bag.

4. Estimate:

We will give you an estimate from the design you choose.

4. Estimate

5. Production period:

Each product takes a slightly different timeframe. Please let us know about any due dates. Please note that once we started production, we don't accept any cancellation.

6. Completion · Handover

6. Completion:

When your item is completed, we will send you a bill. You have two ways to pay. You may pay directly when the goods reach you (COD) or as soon as we confirm your payment before the due date, we can send your item immediately.

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