Kimono is the traditional clothing of Japan. But recent years, western-style clothes have become the norm, and the wearing of kimono is a vanishing custom. All too soon, beautiful kimono and obi have been forgotten inside of grandmother's chest. We believe that these Japanese treasures deserve the spotlight once again, in a form that goes together well with modern, western clothes. That way, young people can embrace them in their daily lives. We would also like to introduce this wonderful Japanese kimono culture to people from foreign countries as well. From such feelings, our made-to-order bag was born. Our bags are useful, and can fit a variety of moods, casual, elegant, etc. We have various designs to choose from.



We can make only one original design your bag in the world also using your kimono or obi according to your idea where you take with and the use. We could talk for details preliminary about your budget and your request. Please inquiry any time. Custom-made to perfection! We can design one-of-a-kind, original bags using your kimono or obi fabric, according to your tastes and lifestyle. We are available for preliminary consultations about your specifications and budget.

Please feel free to inquiry anytime.



RepresentativeJunko Fukasawa
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Junko Fukasawa

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